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Boiler Installation

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When it comes to the installation of boilers and combi boilers we have a great deal of expertise and experience. We can come into your property and recommend the most suitable gas boiler for your needs based on your current set up of radiators and hot water pipes and thus provide you with competitive quote. We offer a fast diagnostic service for boiler service and boiler repairs as well as long term guarantees for boiler replacement. Whatever your boiler needs, give us a call or an email and we'll be able to come and give you a competitive quote.

Types of boilers

Combination Boiler

We will always recommend one of the highest quality combi boilers. In our experience they're reliable, energy efficient and reasonably priced. We have a number of different sized models available to us to, so we're able to find the exact one to suit your property. We've found that householders with boilers over ten years old, who are receiving high energy bills based on oil and gas costs, can save an average of £225 per year by installing a new combi-boiler.

Gas Boiler

In our experience gas boilers our the best way to provide hot water to your taps and central heating system. These work on an on-demand basis, as opposed to the old style of boiler which was essentially a heated water tank. The water goes through a heat exchanger, so that it is heated instantly, which saves you money on your energy bills as you are not continuously heating a large tank of hot water. This on demand service also can heat water in the same manner to provide instant warmth to the radiators within your property. If you want to save money on your old gas boiler then we'll be happy to come in and quote you with no obligation.

Installing the right boiler

Most old gas and oil boilers are regular boilers. They have a separate hot water cylinder to store hot water, rather than providing it directly from the boiler. When you replace your boiler you have a choice of buying a new regular boiler, and keeping your hot water cylinder, or buying a combi boiler that doesn't need a cylinder. A regular boiler is more efficient than a combi at producing hot water in the first place, but then some heat is lost from the hot water cylinder, so a combi may be more efficient overall. The best option for you will depend on a number of factors:

  • How much hot water do you use? A large family using lots of hot water could be better off with a regular boiler. A smaller household using less may be better off with a combi.
  • Are you short of space? A combi boiler doesn’t need a hot water cylinder, and so needs less space.
  • Are you thinking of installing solar water heating? Many combi boilers are not compatible with solar water heating or cannot use it so effectively.

Boiler Installation Bath

Boiler Installation

We offer free, call out and our especially trained engineers can carry out a full on-site inspection with no obligation.

Gas Safe

As part of our Gas Safe registration we're able to carry out gas service on all the gas appliances in your house or property. This includes boilers, water heaters, fireplaces and gas cookers. It can be difficult to tell when a system or appliance isn't working correctly and is wasting valuable gas.

Gas Certificate

We are required to renew our licence to carry out your gas certificate every five years. This accreditation involves regular training and a twelve day course on theory and good practice. We keep up to date with the latest regulations and alert all our staff with regular monthly updates of any changes.

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