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Sewer flooding can be caused by a number of problems, and it’s never very pleasant. The natural elements such as climate change and a growth in population can put pressure on drainage systems and sewers therefore, causing sewer flooding which can lead to all sorts of problems. Unfortunately these problems are often intensified by humans, as we pave over greenery and natural drainage systems. It is not just this that increases the chance of sewer flooding, if you put things down your toilet and sink that is unsuitable this will also add to the risk. Fat, foodstuffs, and towels are constantly flushed into sewer systems that cause ‘fatbergs’; they then build up until one day the sewer system is blocked and overflows. During heavy storms; sewers have to cope with an increased capacity which means that if it is blocked it can fail to work efficiently and overwhelm the system. When this happens, raw sewage can rise to the surface and overflow from manholes and even flood homes. Unfortunately many people suffered from this during the storms of 2013. Sewage can be damaging to your health and is very unpleasant, so you do not want it running through your home.

How to prevent drainage issues

We can all work to prevent sewer flooding by taking care in what we dispose of down our sinks and toilets. Follow these rules:

 Do not pour fat down the sink, it will congeal and cause blockages.

 Avoid Paint, cleaning products, oils and solvents should never be washed away down the sink. The chemicals from these products can end up in the water system, damaging them and also causing potential damage to your pipes and drainage.

 If it says ‘do not flush’ – obey the instructions!

 Never dispose of medications down the toilet. Water treatment facilities are unable to strip the water of all chemicals, so traces of prescription medication and illegal drugs have been found in the water supplies that we drink from. Although the traces are not large enough to have a harmful effect, it is best to avoid flushing drugs away.

 Unlike toilet roll, these products are not designed to break down in water. Flushing away wipes, cotton wool pads etc.. can cause drain blockages, so it’s best to avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper.

Of course, sometimes flooding cannot be prevented due to heavy storms and intense rainfall. But you can use preventative measures to save your home when it flood warnings are issued just in case a sewer flood should occur.

Need help with your drains?

If you think that you are suffering from blocked drains in South West England, please give us a call. We are specialists when it comes to drain problems both domestic and commercial. We are dedicated to sorting out your problems efficiently and at an affordable cost. If you would like further information about our services, please contact us. Our team are more than happy to help!

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