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Not to fear, Emergency Plumber Bath is here

Okay, breathe! Don’t panic, pick up the phone and give us a call us. First things first, take a look at our self-help shut down notes before your problem esculates and spreads. If you do not feel confident, we’d be happy to talk have talk you through by phone or you can simple local on the guide to where your emergency shut off valve may be.


Step One: Find a bucket, mop or recepticle to secure any spillages from further spread.

Step Two: Look for a Stop-Valve, often recognised as a circular rivet/value that can be turned clockwise with a flat head screw. Alternatively, it may appear as a level that you can turn by 90ยบ to switch off the flow of water to the outlet. You may find the Stop Valve or level to be stiff when turning, so you may need additional grips to add extra pressure while turning off (a dry cloth and/or gloves are equally useful).


No matter where your Washing Machine is located, utility room, kitchen or outhouse the proceedure will be the same. If the washing machine in is on, do not switch it off. Locate its possible Stop Valve located behind the washing machine and trun it clockwise to stop the main from filling the washing machine with anymore water.


Leaks in the living room maybe related to a radiator or through pipe. Stopping the leak can be resolved in pretty much the same way, by locating a Stop Vavle in the radiator or at an exposed pipe valve. In some council resisdents you may find your Stop Valve located either built in a box or by an on a wall fitting.


It’s unusual to find the Stop Valve under the stairs, but in council houses this is a popular location when you have 2 cupboards where the Water Mains Pipe runs just below the concrete under the living room floor, then up through the cupboard.


Sometimes you will find the stop valve behind the toilet, especially when it comes to flats. Alternatively and if you have access, a conventional tap shut of will be located next to the boiler. This option will possibly cut off all water from entering into the pipe system of your resisdents enuring any leaks will be stopped.

This will also disable all faucets and toilet usage, so be forewarned. If you remain unconfident, then please give us a call.

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Emergency Repairs 76%
Boiler + Heat Installs 58%
Repair + Diagnosis 94%

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