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Plumber Near Bath

If your central heating is faulty, or you simply want a new one our skilled engineers will get your home nice and warm. So say goodbye to cold winter mornings and feel your home glow.

Heating & Plumbing

Saniflo & Grundfos Toilet Macorators

Noticed your radiators our taking sometime to warm up, don’t worry you won’t be looking at the cost of a new one, we can power flush them and get them running like new.


Clogged Sink or Slow Draining Bath?

Blocked drains can be a horrible occurrence, the search, discovery the smell and the mess, urgh! Why get your hands dirty when we can offer a quick and professional drainage solution.

Boiler Installation

Gas Safe

Is your old boiler giving you trouble or are you worried about the cost of a new one? Unlike other local businesses, we offer complete packages from as little as £999.99 (including VAT).

Bathroom Installation

Plumber Bath

Have you noticed your radiators taking sometime to warm up? Don’t worry you won’t be looking at the cost of a new one, we can power flush them and get them running like new.

Boiler Repairs

Find a Plumber Near Me

How much should you really be paying for a Boiler or Central Heating Repair? If you’re not getting a straight answer from your current list of enquiries, then you’ve come to the right place.

Who are We?

Think of us as your fourth emergency service

Emergency Plumbers in Bath are a fully qualified and accredited Gas Engineer & Heating installation outfit available 24/7. Each one of our specialists has an extensive knowledge of boilers systems and the intricacies of plumbing. Over the last 12 years, we are proud to have built up an excellent reputation for reliability, efficiency and competitive costing - Call for a FREE QUOTE.

Our constant aim is to ensure you are fully satisfied with our service; thus providing you with a peace of mind which in turn, helps us to maintain an upstanding reputation. We have a proven track record of heating and plumbing installations and boiler repairs, just take a look at our Google Reviews.

Our contractors are very carefully selected based on their professional expertise. Coupled with our commitment to you, our customers and an aim to consistently deliver exceptional work, it's a marriage made in Emergency Service Heaven. In addition to that, our engineers are well aware of spiralling costs, so their pride of service makes them very conscientious of making even the slightest mistake. This ensures you do not spend anymore than is necessary as the greatest of care is always considered. We do NOT cut corners, but we DO abide by the strictest of regulations. Our friendly contractors have a previous track record with some of the most well-known companies, which further supports our argument, that our engineers are more than well-equipped.

Our prices are HIGHLY competitive and better than Check A Trade… REALLY! You’ll being hard pushed to find BETTER!

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Think of us as your fourth emergency service

Power Flushing

Power flushing is the art of using high pressure to clear your heating system,not only a requirement for all new boiler installations and boiler replacements, but is also part of building regulations.

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Heating Review

Are you experiencing issues with your heating? It may be a noisy boiler or inconsistancies in the warmth around your home? You may require a heating review to locate specific issues causing the problem.

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Broken Boiler

Boilelrs can last upto 20 years or more, but they need maintenence. If you haven't had your boiler serviced in over 5 years, then you really should. Avoid pilot light blow-out or noisey system by booking a service.

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Emergency call-out specials

Monthly Specials

Power Flushing £399

Power Flushing is the art of using a high powered pressure system that employs a water-based fluid to flush-out any blockages and/or sediment that may reside inside of your central heating. This process should be adminstered at least once every 5 years.

Bathroom Install 20% off

Fitting a new Bathroom can be a feeling of great pride, however it can also be of great embarassment if the installation process goes horribly wrong. We are currently offering a discounted plumbing installation for all first time customers (limited time ONLY).

Heating Review £75*

Are you or have you experienced inconsistant heating issues. Maybe some of your radiators are really HOT and others not so much. Book an appointment with us and let’s diagnose the issue for you.

Boiler Installation £895*

Need a new Boiler installed, but not impressed with the current and commercial quotes on offer. Look no further, we would be happy to pop around and get the job done and leave you with a cheshire-like cat smile on your face.

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Camden Road, Bath BA1 5JJ 01225 240 260

    Our Testimonials

    Here's what our customers say

    Decided to do a spot of D.I.Y. in my new place and made a total pigs ear of it when I accidentally drilled into my under-flooring heating pipe. Called Tony from Emergency Plumbers and he had someone attend my place in a very timely manner to fix the issue. Very grateful, although I’ll now need to find a floor restoration company.

    Sheldon Williams
    ~ Combe Down, Bath ~

    Sheldon Williams Testimonial

    In summary, very happy.
    I would definitely recommend Bristol Plumbers.
    They came, they saw, they fixed my issue without complaint and on time…

    Sarah Choi
    ~ Widcombe, Bath ~

    Anna Choi's Testimonial

    As a senior citizen you become very weary of at home breakdowns and the consequence of inviting strangers to your home in pursuit of finding a suitable solution. Emergency Plumbers Bath, were very professional, transparent and most importantly very friendly; which really goes a long way in terms of reassurance.
    I would definitely recommend them.

    Jorgé De León
    ~ Claverton Down, Bath ~

    Jorgé De Leon's Testimony

    Plumber Service Coverage in Bath and Somerset

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    Please find below Emergency Plumber Bath's key service locations and peripheral coverage.
    If you are in desparate need of assistance and fall slightly out of our call-out range, give our customer services team a call on: 01225 240 260.

    Note: Information contained herein is accurate at the time of its publication, but maybe subject to change without prior written notice

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