Power Flushing

Lets optimise your boiler and heating system

If your existing boiler is approaching the end of its life, the chances are you have already called round for quotes to carry out a replacement. Those quotes are likely to include the cost of chemically treating or power flushing your central heating system. Power flushing is not only a requirement for all new boiler installations and boiler replacements, but is also part of Building Regulations standards. By not power flushing your system, you are effectively contravening Building Regulations which could coincidentally  invalidate the manufacturers guarantee on your boiler.

Over time, debris in your system will build up and the heat exchange at the heart of your boiler will become clogged and restricted. This can lead to poor circulation, poor heat transference, noise and premature failure. Having your system cleansed before installing the new boiler will help to maintain its lifespan and efficiency.

If you would like more information about a new boiler installation, replacing your existing boiler, or improving the efficiency of your existing boiler, do not hesitate to contact us. You can arrange a call out from one of our Gas Safe engineers by calling us on 07415375875 or dropping us an email.

Do you need a power flush? Here’s a number of symptoms to look out for

    • Boiler switching on and off frequently.
    • Boiler constantly breaking down.
    • If you have a combination boiler, you may notice that the hot water keeps getting hot and then cold. A non-stable temperature may continue to get worse until you do not get any hot water at all.
    • Boiler making banging and/or knocking noises.
    • Central heating radiators taking a long time to heat up.
    • Radiators getting cold spots.
    • Radiators not getting very hot when the pipe work is getting hot.
    • House always feels cold even when the heating’s on.
    • Boiler making “kettling” noise (resembles a kettle boiling).

What happens if I don’t power flush my central heating system?

Boilers can become so damaged that they will be deemed uneconomical to repair, requiring a replacement

    • The efficiency of the system will be affected, costing you lots of money in fuel and system repair bills.
    • Mechanical failure of pumps, motorised valves, heat exchangers and hydraulic systems in boilers.
    • Pin holes will form in radiators and heat exchangers, requiring replacement or repair. Oxide sludge is similar to a black muddy oil-like substance, so will damage anything it comes into contact with (i.e. carpets, worktops and flooring if it leaks or spills).

What benefits can you expect after power flushing?

After a system is cleared, you can pretty much expect an improvement across all types of associated heating in your home.

    • Faster radiator “heating up” time.
    • All radiators produce more heat.
    • Boiler runs quieter.
    • Overall central heating system quieter.
    • No cold spots on radiators.
    • Cheaper gas bill – making your money stretch further.
    • Better hot water temperatures.
    • Less risk of breakdown.
    • More reliable and efficient central heating system, giving you a warmer house at less cost.

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