Monthly Specials

Power Flushing £399

Power Flushing is the art of using a high powered pressure system that employs a water-based fluid to flush-out any blockages and/or sediment that may reside inside of your central heating. This process should be adminstered at least once every 5 years.

Bathroom Install 20% off

Fitting a new Bathroom can be a feeling of great pride, however it can also be of great embarassment if the installation process goes horribly wrong. We are currently offering a discounted plumbing installation for all first time customers (limited time ONLY).

Heating Review £75*

Are you or have you experienced inconsistant heating issues. Maybe some of your radiators are really HOT and others not so much. Book an appointment with us and let’s diagnose the issue for you.

Boiler Installation £895*

Need a new Boiler installed, but not impressed with the current and commercial quotes on offer. Look no further, we would be happy to pop around and get the job done and leave you with a cheshire-like cat smile on your face.