Decided to do a spot of D.I.Y. in my new place and made a total pigs ear of it when I accidentally drilled into my under-flooring heating pipe. Called Tony from Emergency Plumbers and he had someone attend my place in a very timely manner to fix the issue. Very grateful, although I’ll now need to find a floor restoration company.

Sheldon Williams
~ Combe Down, Bath ~

Sheldon Williams Testimonial

In summary, very happy.
I would definitely recommend Bristol Plumbers.
They came, they saw, they fixed my issue without complaint and on time…

Sarah Choi
~ Widcombe, Bath ~

Anna Choi's Testimonial

As a senior citizen you become very weary of at home breakdowns and the consequence of inviting strangers to your home in pursuit of finding a suitable solution. Emergency Plumbers Bath, were very professional, transparent and most importantly very friendly; which really goes a long way in terms of reassurance.
I would definitely recommend them.

Jorgé De León
~ Claverton Down, Bath ~

Jorgé De Leon's Testimony

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